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This section includes background on how we administrate our functions project. We hope that the information noted here brings peace and trust in using the tool.

You might even like it so much that you decide to help out!

The Origins

We created functions to address the accumulating difficulty in building features in an event ecosystem (PubSub). It started as a side project, meant to satisfy minimal requirements of being useful in the shortest time. With time it evolved to an open-source level aspiration. A swing at building a tool, used and contributed to by many.


These are early days, and the project is at its infant years. It lacks structure, resources and a tested sense of purpose. Hopefully, it will gain these over time. It is maintained on a casual basis, addressing issues here and there as the motivation comes in.

If the project proves to be redundant, it will be abandoned to make space for other, more capable projects.

So if you are using functions and don't want to lose it, head to any resources and show your appreciation. It will give us so much required motivation and keep us going.


All final decisions, features and future focus are made by Piotr Katolik, the architect of this project.

Last update: February 20, 2022
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