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To understand what this project is about, check out the idea section.

Moving forward, our goal is to provide a valuable, tested, and robust tool that others can use to their benefit.

First release and core project progress can be tracked here.

Once we reach the base quality, the are other project and idea that we hope to work on, given that functions starts providing value and receives required traction.

We plan to grow its capabilities, having some short and medium term goals in mind.


Make Functions as a Service (FaaS) easy to work with.

Short-term - Current focus

Clean up

Initial prototype bursting left chunks on inconsistent code. We want to bring cohesion and best practices to the first version of the project so that the technical debt does not creep on us in the future.

Status: Planning

AWS lambda support

We want to add support for AWS lambda functions locally and deployment.

Status: Planning

Runtime support

Currently, the support for runtimes is quite limited due to the narrow scope of the initial implementation. We want to ensure anyone can use whichever runtime they want, given that it is supported.

Status: Planning

Test coverage

As with any idea that made sense (will see about that) in the prototyping phase, we want to make sure that is well tested moving forward.

Status: Planning

Mid-term - What comes next

Build-up documentation

It is a shame how much documentation is missing.

We want to make sure that there are decision records, components descriptions, examples and more, which users and developers can quickly reference at any time.

Status: Ongoing development

Custom commands and scripts

We want to enable the user to create their enhancements to the functioning of the package by allowing the definition of custom scripts and commands.

Status: Idea

GitHub source URL as a source path for a function

We want to support using a Github URL as a source for your function's source code.

Status: Idea

Evaluate Typer

Despite the initial hype around this project, it does seem to be left out at the moment. The base package click seems to have much better support and extensibility.

Status: Idea

Docker executable

We think that using python to execute the functions works well, however has it's limitations. Specifically when installing dependencies required to run deployment actions. All this can be neatly wrapped around with a Docker image, which needs to be in the scope of the package either way.

Much easier to manage system interactions contained within an image.

Status: Idea

How to Get Involved

We try to organize our project goals with GitHub projects.

If there is an existing GitHub project, it is an excellent place to start aiding. If not, perhaps you can offer some expertise and lead an implementation forward.

As always, reach out if you fancy a discussion.

Last update: February 6, 2022
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