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Environment support

Due to limited amount of resources and a narrow development scope, functions are available/working on a limited subset of environments (OS + runtime).

Operating systems

OS name Status Was tested?
Ubuntu(Linux) Available Yes
macOS Available Yes - Mildly
Windows Unknown No

Programming languages and runtime versions

There are several places where a language limitation might be enforced by our code.


"Functions" managed by the functions package are run by docker and therefore require correct execution scope. Because of execution scope for various languages requires separate implementations, the current support is limited.

At the moment this is limited to Python.

That said, since the scope is defined in the generated Dockerfile, there is nothing stopping you from writing your own Dockerfile and support your own execution scope.


Because cloud functions have a limited runtime set, we need to limit these versions as well.

Here is an estimate of what runtimes are available.

Language Version Value Was tested?
Python 3.7 python37 Yes
Python 3.8 python38 Yes
Python 3.9 python39 Yes
Node 10 nodejs10 No
Node 12 nodejs12 No
Node 14 nodejs14 No
Node 16 nodejs16 No
Java 11 java11 No
Go 1.11 go111 No
Go 1.13 go113 No
Go 1.16 go116 No
.NET Core 3.1 dotnet3 No
PHP 7.4 php74 No
Ruby 2.6 ruby26 No
Ruby 2.7 ruby27 No

Our goal is to find a solution to get this information from an underlying tool, but it is not always possible so we need to bottleneck it at our package level.

We are completely aware that it is not a perfect solution, but are trying to be as transparent as possible.

Last update: February 7, 2022
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